Spider Fitting

Spider Fitting

We use these spider fittings to fit glass in walls or connect multiple glasses. These spider fittings have structural pipes which connect a glass to another glass. We drill holes in a glass for assembling various glasses together. Connections are also less visible to see.

Moreover, these fittings are resistant to wind pressure and do not allow any force or pressure to break the glass.

To fit and hold the glass in a frame, we use these spider fittings. Moreover, these fittings are easy to install. Hence, we use these spider fittings on doors, or on partition glass walls.

Pakistan Alco Products Pvt Ltd Company is supplying various types of spider fittings at a market competitive and budget-friendly rates. Our aluminum products are 100 percent best in quality and durable.

The Spider Fitting which our company sells is corrosion resistant and long-lasting and can easily be re-used when needed.