Composite Panel

Composite Panel

We use these composite panels for exterior cladding of buildings, ceilings, and for signage.

Composite panels are made up of this metal, because of the versatile features of aluminum light in weight, durability, efficient, good insulator, impermeability and resistive to corrosion.

These aluminum composite panels come in different metallic or non-metallic colors and also in different sizes and shapes.

Composite panels are triple in layer because of its hard surface and thickness of the coating. We use these composite panels for structural rigidity of buildings.

So we use these composite panels for cover the buildings for rigidity and will feel attractive and unique for the eyes.

Moreover, these panels are easy to maintain, long-lasting and cost very low for refurbishment.

Moreover, the non-combustible material-aluminum used to make these composite panels, so these panels are also fire resistant and inflammable.

Pakistan Alco Products Pvt Ltd facilitate you with installers who are experts in installation of these composite panels.