Aluminum Window

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are made up the aluminum plane. It is a light-weight, strong silver colored metal. These windows contribute to the modern interior and are affordable as well as highly durable. They are quite popular in this era.

Reasons to use aluminum windows:

Aluminum windows are now a popular choice for most of the people. They are preferred both as contemporary as well as industrial use. They provide a sleek, stark and sophisticated look at low costs thus contributing in their popularity. There are also various other reasons as to why aluminum windows are a popular choice.

These windows are paneled and open up as a stack on one side. They help provide an undisturbed view of the outdoors due to wide paneled opening. They open up to allow more light indoors thus they are ideal for dull, dim places.

Furthermore, they are flexible and take up little space while opening. Large glass walls can be created while using them and they also give off an ultra-modern stylish look. This helps create an illusion of space giving a vast look to the house. Furthermore, these windows are easy to maintain and highly durable.


These Windows can be tilted open as their name suggests. They can be opened upwards at an angle or can be opened in a tilt like fashion like a door. They are very beneficial for use. One of the most obvious benefits is that they provide ventilation.

The tilt-turn function allows easy ventilation. It is easy to let out hot air allowing a cool breeze to flow in. Furthermore it easy to clean them thud making them manageable.


These are the classical windows that can be slid to one side as their name suggests. These are the most common types of windows used as they are easy to clean and cost-effective.

Also, these windows don’t need springs or pulleys that wear off with time thus making these windows durable. Their durability is further increased by adding window glazing. Apart from that these windows provide great insulation thus making them energy -efficient.


These are the kind of windows that are hinged at sides and crank open outwards. This function enables them to allow a cool breeze to enter the house. These windows are an idea for houses where breeze doesn’t usually come in. These windows can be opened up at an angle to channel cool breeze inwards.