Aluminium Gate

Aluminum Gate

Why Aluminum Gate? 

It is the name of a metal. It is a lightweight metal. Its color is silvery-white. It used in a large number of products like doors, window frames, tables, kitchen utensils, home shelters, bottle cans, foils, and airplane parts. It’s all about the properties of the Aluminum metal.

Aluminum gates made with the aluminum sheets are very light-weight. Which normally used for residential and office use. There are two types of aluminum gates which mostly used like Swing gates or Sliding gates.

Aluminum Swing Gate

Swing Gates are the Aluminum gates which can be opened or closed without the help of human power. You installed software’s with swing gates and open or close the gates with the help of devices like mechanical, hydraulic and electronic devices. However, there is no need for humans to open or close the doors. On the airport terminals mostly gates are swing gates.

Types of Swing Gates

  1. Aluminum Swing gate with louvered
  2. Aluminum Swing gate with Bars

 Aluminum Sliding Gates

These are the trendy and classy option in the range of  Pakistan Aluminum Company. We are providing our customers with quality range to change the contemporary look of their home/office entrance. The aluminum sliding Gates provides a real look to your decorum. 

If we say why we suggest and choose aluminum then last but not least thing we say:

  • Aluminum has high quality.
  • Aluminum has a better surface so far
  • And, aluminum has flexibility for any design.

Types of Sliding Gates

  1. Aluminum Sliding Gate with Louvered
  2. Aluminum sliding Gate with Bars